Launched in August 2007 as an online graphic serial story, Xyliatales has enjoyed a loyal following ever since. The story focuses on Englishman Charlie Ravensdale, who is at first unaware of his connections to faeirie realm Azloe. Eventually he can't deny the connection when he is nearly murdered by a flying monkey and a punk seductress. After being rescued by his size-shifting Welsh Corgi, Charlie finds himself unable to deny his many pasts, his duty to the future of Azloe, and his desire to rescue the beautiful Xylia, his eternal love.

A prequel story, Nigel's Opus is also available an illustrated novella. Taking place in 1915, this is the life Charlie Ravensdale lived prior to the one he lives now as Nigel Livingston, a concert pianist who, with the help of young Louise Murphy, discovers a stone statue of a faeirie on the gardens of his estate. No ordinary statue, it comes to life with the touch of his hand...

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This picture book story features a very imaginative five-year-old, Dena, and her minature pinscher, Doodle. It's bedtime, and Dena can't help but wonder "What if..." to an array of improbable circumstances that she's able to visualize, including: her dog becoming purple, her brother becoming a frog, and jumping into an ocean of orange juice.

Her colorful story continues to expand and include turtles that live in the crayon houses until Mom suggests the impossible, "going to bed on time."